American Huney Photography is a marketing focused photography business that works along side your marketing efforts to help you reach your goals.  Let's take your branding and imagery up a notch!



At minimum, we'll create beautiful photos together.  Whether it be head shots of employees, progress of a building in the works, menu changes, or anything else you can think up.  I'll be there to make sure we create photos with the look and feel that you want for your brand.

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Marketing Collaboration

Are you on the fence about expanding your marketing team?  I can be there to assist!  Two heads are better than one and I can be that second set of eyes without the risk and time of bringing on a new employee.  

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Photography Classes

Have a DSLR Camera and want to learn what to do with it?  Let's do it! Group classes offered sporadically or one on one sessions available. 

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Your business

Are you a new or established business? It doesn't matter! We can work together, in your budget to make your photo needs a reality.

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A Top Service

Unlike using a generic photographer, why not use someone that has a sales and marketing background to further your business? We can do things together that positively impact your business and your bottom line.