Boxed Wine Anyone?

moody wine cursive rectangle.png

Wine: Bota Box Old Vine Zin and Pinot Grigio

Mood: Mellow

I may be breaking all kinds of rules here with some of you, but I'm just now discovering boxed wine.  I think it may be my new thing to try.  I am the only wine drinker in my house hold and as a result, I don't open wine much these days.  I don't like the pressure of having to drink it quickly, before it oxidizes.  The boxed wine solves that!  It's an anaerobic pouch in the box, so little to no oxygen get's in contact with the wine.  

We went on vacation with the family and we tried the Bota Box wine.  We got the Old Vine Zin and the Pinot Grigio.  I thought they were both what I'd call, "good everyday drinking" wine.  Both varietally correct, meaning I'd be able to tell you that they were Old Vine Zin and Pinot Grigio, even if I didn't know and it's tough to beat the price.  The convenience of the shelf life alone is enough of a reason for me to continue my exploration.  

Pretty fun summer experiment, if I do say so myself!

Moody Wine....whaaaat?

Well, for many this may seem random.  What's this "moody wine" thing?  It's kind of a great past time of mine.  I was working in a cute wine shop in Santa Cruz, where I was asked every day what my favorite wine was.  I'd always start by explaining my mood, while I was making a suggestion and it dawned on me...."I can't be the only one that makes a wine selection like this."  I began asking people when they were planning to drink the wine and have them set the scene before making a recommendation.  BAM! was born.  

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A little more background, if you're interested.  I studied Agricultural Business and Wine and Viticulture at Cal Poly, and I was working in the wine business, but I fell off the wine blog wagon when I got out of the wine industry and bought a house.   My wine selection was kind of more like, "Whatever I can afford that tastes decent."  HA!  Those Santa Cruz County residents out there, feel me??!!  

I was strategizing the other day with a friend about this blog and we got to discussing Moody Wine and she said, "Why can't you just include that in American Huney?"  I let it kind of sink in and I realized something...why couldn't I?  As a result, I've reformatted the blog and I'm BRINGING MOODY WINE BACK!  You won't find such extravagant wines that I was fortunate enough to post about when I was in the wine industry, but you'll see some yummy retail store selections, some shipment selections that I get delivered to the house, and some local winery treats.  Really, it may be MORE approachable than before!  

The new design of the blog will make it simple to navigate to wine related posts...just click the wine quadrant and you're there!