A Sunday break in the rain

Our version of Sunday FUNday is here, playing in the wild mustard, getting some mud on our boots, and getting my aunts dogs legs stretched.  Lucy was pretty happy in her "new to us" carriage with its bouncy springs and lots of things to grab within arms reach.  There's no better way we can think of to recharge our batteries to gear up for our busy work week.  Get out and enjoy this break in the rain!

Meet Lucy.  She's my almost 9 month old baby girl.  She's the best thing I've ever done and my main motivation for this website.  She is so much fun!  She loves so many things: exploring, smiling, animals and more! 

In this picture, she's in one of my favorite places on earth...our apple orchard.  It was bought for my great grandpa Tom and is where my grandma, dad and I were raised.  It's only 8 acres and a varietal that is no longer that popular (Gravenstein), but is the BEST for baking and cooking.  Just wait until summer and you'll see for yourself!