A quick after work get together

After a long work day, a friend calls and says they're in the neighborhood, and would it be ok if they stopped by on their way home?  All I want is to unwind with laughter over a beer, so I say was, "Heck yes!"  Then the realization sets in that I don't have any snacks to offer.  I mentally catalog my refrigerator and I have a wheel of brie cheese, I think I have crackers, and some baby bella mushrooms(you know...the brown ones).  I can make something work. 

I get home, kick my shoes off, and head to the kitchen.  I may as well have a beer, while I get some things together...hee hee.  

The good news is, I have a fig tree and I was able to get some before the chickens got to them!  Also, I have local honey from a friend bee keeper.  Bam!  Now that's the way you throw together a yummy snack...and QUICK too!  

If you want more ideas on ways to mix up mushrooms into some easy small bites to wow your friends, with beer suggestions, too!  Visit, www.info.montereymushrooms.com/get-your-mushrooms-pairing-guide.