I'm getting a landline


Yup! You heard me right. I’m getting a landline home phone and no, it’s not due to a lack of cell phone service at our house. I’m getting a landline in an effort to be more present with my kids. I’ll be putting my cell phone down in the evenings until Lucy goes down at 8:30. As it is, I make a conscious effort to be present and focus on them, but there are instances where I check my phone or post a pic on Instagram and the reality is, all of those things can wait until after they go to bed.

This may seem like it’s coming out of left field, but I’m newly a parent of two. Being that I’m not pregnant anymore (thank GOODNESS!) and I’m starting to feel more like myself again (if myself was part dairy cow…mooooo), I’m starting to assess our daily routines. We, as parents, are creating our kids memories and what they will grow up to remember as their version of normal. I want to make sure that I’m mindful of that responsibility. I want them to see me being active, engaged, reading, playing, laughing, etc. I don’t want them to see us plugged into our phones and not plugging into our family.


This can be really hard, especially when your jobs become more and more demanding with expectations that we are available 24/7. My plan is to give my close family, friends, and boss my landline number, so if there is an emergency or something time sensitive, I can be reached. Otherwise, I’ll be responding to texts, emails and DM’s after 8:30pm. The boundaries are clear and, as Rachel Hollis, author of Girl, Wash Your Face says, “It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being better today that I was yesterday.”

My second Mother's Day

Being a mom has been life changing (don't say "Duh," quite yet).  It's not just about the getting up in the middle of the night, changing diapers, and making sure they're fed and clean. It's so much more complex.  I'll try to explain it...Basically, our whole lives are about "me."  

  • Does this person make me happy.  
  • What do I want for dinner.  
  • What apartment do I want to live in.  
  • What roommate works for me.  
  • What college do I want to go to.  
  • What do I want to major in.  
  • What job makes the most sense for me
  • Do I want a promotion.  

I think you get the point.  Yes, getting married makes it more "us," but you still have  a lot of me stuff.  Then there's pregnancy.  It's the training wheels for how a mom's life is about to change. It's no longer, "What do I want for dinner?"  It's, "What am I allowed to have for dinner?" or "What do I think I can eat that won't make me sick?"  Want a cocktail?  Yeah, right.  Sushi...I don't think so.  Not only that, but you have ZERO control over your body.  That was a weird one for me.  

I didn't eat "for two," as the saying goes.  I wasn't intaking many more calories than prior to being pregnant, yet my body kept gaining weight.  I'm not talking about a pound here and there.  I gained 50 friggin' pounds!  Before you say anything...my baby was 6lbs 9oz...not a 45 pounder :) You wan to talk about crazy, I got sick the entire pregnancy, too!  How the heck was I gaining weight like that if I was throwing up?  I also didn't just gain the weight in my tummy.  I gained it ALL OVER.  My arms, my legs.  Yeah....my body was definitely not mine anymore.  

Then I had Lucy.  To date, THE MOST LIFE CHANGING THING EVER.  Now, I kind of got my body back, but my brain thinks of her first.  What do I want for dinner, that Lucy can have, too.  I'm not tired, but Lucy's asleep, so I should try to sleep. We're going to a party, so I've got to get her dressed and ready.  No time for me to do my hair and I'll just throw on some eye liner.  Lucy naps, so I better clean the bathrooms, kitchen, and weed the front yard.  I've officially gone down on the list of priorities.  

This is not a rant or a complaint, it's just the amazing turn of events as you have a child.  I love Lucy.   I would do anything for her.  Prior to having a child, I had an idea about what it would be like, but I never thought that I would stop, before eating my favorite desert, to put Lucy in her pj's and feed her a bottle.  HAHAHAHA  Me and desert have very little compromise. Now, I do it willingly and with love. 

This is only my second Mother's Day and last year Lucy was just days old.  I don't have it all figured out, but I feel lucky everyday to be Lucy's mom.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.