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Erica Manfre

Erica Manfre

This all started with a job at a produce wholesale company.  Random, right?  Well, there I had a need fro some food photography and I was quoted $300/edited photo and was like, "Umm, thanks but no thanks."  From there, I got a camera to learn how to take photos of food and the rest is history! 

Shortly after, I had a daughter, which inspired me to start the blog American Huney. I wanted to make a conscious effort to slow my life down and enjoy the little things in life:  cook, go on walks, play with my daughter...those types of things.  I told stories though photos and thanks to all of you, it caught the eye of many.  From there, it's morphed into a photography business.  Here's a little about my photography:

  • Camera: Canon DSLR camera 5DMarkIII (I have a backup, in the event I need it)

  • Lighting: I prefer natural light, but I have a lot of artificial lights for all occassions

  • Training: Master Class with Annie Leibovitz underway. This is an online course on portrait photography. Pinch of Yum workshop, she's an amazing food blogger. Other than that, I've watched a lot of YouTube videos and done tutorials with Adobe Creative Cloud, but I'm mostly self taught. Trial and error!

  • Specialize in: food, marketing content for your business, family sessions, babies and more!

Now, if you're curious about my professional background, I've mostly done sales and marketing since graduating from Cal Poly.  There I received a bacheors in Agricultural Business and a minor in Wine and Viticulture.  I've done sales and marketing in the wine business (LOVE IT), sales and management at Chase (super random, but WORLD CLASS TRAINING), sales and marketing at a produce wholesaler in town (food photography started here) and now am a sales manager for a large mushroom grower, packer, shipper.

Enjoy the site and feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments!


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