That moment when you realize...


My brain never turns off. I think it's a common woman problem. At least I hope it's not just me. Haha!  My issue is, I tend to be hyper productive and always thinking about the next great idea or business plan. I don't mind it much, but it DRIVES my husband NUTS! Does he see that is how I came up with you, my sweet American Huney!? 😋 I think I've come up with some good ideas: moody wine, my produce club, and more (many many more). I've even come up with some ideas that I haven't wanted to share because I worry that someone will rip them off and do it themselves.  

Well, that stops today! I'm going to tell you all a couple of my great ideas and if you steal them without giving me credit, shame on you. 

The first idea I want to share is for Google (I know you're out there!). It would tie into their mapping program and it works like this: you are standing on a street and you want to know whether to turn left or right. You pull your map app up and push the camera icon. Point the camera down the street to the left and all of the businesses pop up that are on that street. If you then point the camera right, the same thing happens. You could get paid by the businesses that want to sponsor their "pop up" and maybe highlight them, or have links to their websites, etc. How AWESOME would that be!?!? Come on Google! Hit me up! Let's do this!

My next idea is for Apple. Now, we all know they don't like to share and play nice with others, but I have a feature for Apple Music that would be a step in the right direction. Ok, so you find a song you like and you want to tell someone about it. Instead of taking a screen shot or texting the name of the song, you can send the song to them via text or air drop for a one time only listen. If they like it, they click download and it takes you directly to the store to make the purchase. If they don' harm, no foul. I can't think of a downside to this feature. It would encourage people to download music and listen to new stuff!

These are just a couple ideas that I have. If I could only turn these creative moments into monetary gains, I'd have: a new roof, a wrap around porch, hardwood floors, a normal sized refrigerator (that's a whole different blog post), work from home with my Lucy girl, and a remodeled kitchen.